We all have our secrets--our faux identities. They lie underneath well-intended morals, work personas, sexuality, and all other masks necessary for survival.

Paul Knox is more than familiar with facades. His life is a precarious one that demands an intricately woven lifestyle of music and risk. Always up to something extraordinary, Paul Knox finds himself in some of the most peculiar, unpredictable situations. Such is the life of a Double Agent.

A non-contemporary Junglist, PK transfuses smooth melody into danceable rhythms creating something exceptional, something different--something beyond the traditional concepts of what Drum n' Bass was, is, or can be...

Check out PK's Pad for the adventures of Paul Knox.
Paul Knox releases his second album:
Act.In.:Acoustic Intelligence with a bit of a Brazilian flair - make sure you check it out!
Download 'Act.In.:Acoustic Intelligence' (MP3, 60mb)

Double Agent:
Double Agent, Paul Knox's first release is available for download.
Download 'Double Agent' (MP3, 60mb)

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